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Hopper Trailers

Below are the current Hopper / Grain Trailers we have have in stock don’t hesitate and call now for “Special” pricing we need to move these trailers NOW!!

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Hopper / Grain Trailers

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Min Year
Max Year
2010 WILSON Grain Trailer 2010 WILSON Grain Trailer Henderson, CO $29,900
Call 888-370-1287 78" sides, scale, stainless rear, stainless front corners, led lights, vibrator brackets, front & rear ladders, front and rear cat walk, roll tarp, dump valve, psi, alum wheels
2004 TIMPTE Grain Trailer 2004 TIMPTE Grain Trailer Henderson, CO $25,900
Call 888-370-1287 Corrugated, stainless rear, front & rear cat walk, roll over tarp
2000 MERRITT 42' Grain Trailer MVT 2000 MERRITT 42' Grain Trailer MVT Henderson, CO $22,900
Call 888-370-1287 Grain Hopper, 68" side height, T/C, 10 lights per side, rollover vinyl manual tarp, front & rear ladders and catwalks, 1/4 fenders on front axle, steel wheels, New DOT, ready to work at $22,900

Hopper / Grain Trailers

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