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Flatbed Trailers

Below are the current Flatbed Trailers we have have in stock don’t hesitate and call now for “Special” pricing we need to move these trailers NOW!!

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Keywords / Stock#
Min Year
Max Year
2008 UTILITY 2008 UTILITY Denver, CO $23,900
Call 888-370-1287 Aluminum floor, nail strips, tie downs, winches, aluminum wheels
1999 WABASH 1999 WABASH Denver, CO $14,900
Call 888-370-1287 Spread Air, Pull Up Chain Ties, Aluminum Floor w/ Nail Strips, Chain Ties, Sliding Winches, Steel Wheels
1999 FONTAINE 1999 FONTAINE Denver, CO $27,900
Call 888-370-1287 Extends to 80' Closed Slider, Wood Deck, Sliding Winches, Steel Wheels, Pin on Rear Axle
2006 TRANSCRAFT 2006 TRANSCRAFT Denver, CO $18,900
Call 888-370-1287 Closed Slider, Forklift Kit, Wood Deck, Dunnage Rack, Sliding Winches, Steel Wheels
2003 TRANSCRAFT 2003 TRANSCRAFT Denver, CO $17,900
Call 888-370-1287 Wood Floor, Aluminum Bulkhead, Sliding Winches, Steel wheels
2008 WILSON 2008 WILSON Denver, CO $26,900
Call 888-370-1287 Spread Air Flatbed, 2 Tool Boxes, 3 S/T/T, T/C, Aluminum Wheels
2005 UTILITY 2005 UTILITY Denver, CO $19,900
Call 888-370-1287 Combo Spread Air, Sliding Winches, 2 Aluminum Tool Boxes, Aluminum Wheels
2015 UTILITY 2015 UTILITY Denver, CO Call
Call 888-370-1287 Spread Air, Combo Flatbeds, Sliding Winches, Electric Dump Valve, LED Lights, Plate Hooks, J Hooks, Steel Wheels
2000 UTILITY 2000 UTILITY Denver, CO $14,900
Call 888-370-1287 Combo Flatbed, Spread Air, Aluminum Floor with 3 Nail Strips, Chain Ties, Winches, Steel Wheels
2000 TRANSCRAFT 2000 TRANSCRAFT Denver, CO $14,900
Call 888-370-1287 Spread Air, Combo, Alum Deck, Alum Bulkhead, Winches, 4 Nail Strips, Chain Ties, Steel Wheels
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