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End Dump Trailers

Below are the current End Dump Trailers we have have in stock don’t hesitate and call now for “Special” pricing we need to move these trailers NOW!!

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Min Year
Max Year
1997 TRAVIS 1997 TRAVIS Denver, CO $24,900
Call 888-370-1287 Aluminum End Dump, Post Side, Roll Over Tarp, Coal Door, 2 Speed Landing Gear, Alum Wheels
2005 CLEMENT 2005 CLEMENT Denver, CO $29,900
Call 888-370-1287 Rock End Dump, 48" Sides, Electric Tarp, Steel Wheels
1999 RANCO 1999 RANCO Denver, CO $24,900
Call 888-370-1287 Half Round Rock End Dump, Electric Flip Tarp Arm Style, Hi Lift Gate, Outside Alum Wheels
2004 WESTERN 2004 WESTERN Denver, CO $28,900
Call 888-370-1287 Rock Half Round, Slide Manual Tarp Front to Rear, Two Ladders on the Nose, Hi Lift Gate, Steel Wheels
2015 MANAC Scrap Trailer 2015 MANAC Scrap Trailer Denver, CO $49,900
Call 888-370-1287 AR450 Steel, 72" Sides, 53 Cubic Yards, Barn Door, Front & Rear Ladders, Steel Wheels
2015 CPS 2015 CPS Denver, CO Call
Call 888-370-1287 Half Round End Dump, AR450 1/4, Steel Wheels
1998 COMMANDER 1998 COMMANDER Denver, CO $18,900
Call 888-370-1287 1/4 Frame Rock End Dump, Front to Rear Slide Electric Tarp, Asphalt Apron, Rear Fenders, High Lift Gate, Steel Wheels
2009 TRAVIS Wave 2009 TRAVIS Wave Denver, CO $43,500
Call 888-370-1287 Material End Dump, Roll Over Manual Tarp, 16" King Pin, Aluminum Wheels
2015 MANAC SCRAP 2015 MANAC SCRAP Denver, CO Call
Call 888-370-1287 72" Sides, 53 Cubic Yards, 1/4" AR450 Material, Steel Wheels
2015 TRAVIS Vertex 2015 TRAVIS Vertex Denver, CO Call
Call 888-370-1287 Top Hinge Gate, 10' Durapro Liner, Alum Wheels
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